Where is tech stories from a bittersweet 2018

Bloggerping / November 24, 2020
Where is tech stories from a bittersweet 2018

2018 has been a great year for many reasons, and the tech world has never had a dull moment. Unfortunately, in terms of producing new technologies, or reaching the limits set by prediction, they were unsuccessful. But in terms of drama, it has resulted in a number of inefficiencies.

Cambridge Analytica and Zuckerberg Testimony
The Cambridge Analytica scandal led to the collapse of Facebook.The scandal culminated in 2018 when officials discovered a connection with British political firm Cambridge Analytica.The company was accused of collecting data from millions of Facebook users. And use it for political purposes

Disinformation, fake news, political insults, dissident rumors, and hate campaigns are the tools the company has used.In early 2018, US law enforcement found it to play a key role in managing elections. The President in 2016 led to a fateful moment when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress on April 11.

In July, the UK Information Agency fined Facebook £ 500,000 for failing to protect user data.Cambridge Analytica also played a key role in the Brexit referendum. Facebook tried to make another fine in November and it is still waiting for results.

Facebook’s stock market collapses
The biggest one-day loss in stock market history hit Facebook in late July 2018.The company’s shares fell 19% .This came after Facebook told investors it would spend on data security and wellbeing. More personalization of users An estimated $ 119 billion market cap has disappeared. Critics believe the loss has a moral lesson, however, that the tech giants had not stopped previously, which had devastated the market.

Facebook suffered a loss following a 2018 loss.From a Cambridge Analytica article to The New York Times on Facebook, the deliberate misuse of data last year was not kind to the social media giant.

Bitcoin falls
As of December 2017, one bitcoin was worth approximately twenty thousand US dollars. However, in the first few months of 2018, the hundreds of billions of dollars of the bubble burst disappeared at the end of 2018.Bitcoin is now worth just $ 4,000 and its value is down 77% this year, according to a 2017 comparison. Bitcoin value has increased 1,200% from about $ 1,000 to three thousand dollars.

Download Fiasco Facebook data
As a result of the infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook allowed users to download their data. At the end of March, users can take advantage of this opportunity quickly. However, things are strange, many people open the zip folder to voluntarily search for information they put in their profile, but others are surprised to find that Facebook shouldn’t have some people claiming on social media that they found call and text history. In file Although it is not clear how accurate those claims are. But public concerns about the safety of the information are real.

Google employees are coming out against sexual harassment
The month of November kicks off with new insights into how corporate leaders deal with sexual harassment.Google’s tech giant has seen employee withdrawals around the world in protest of policy. It was revealed that the company had previously pressured victims to cut deals and cut costs. When employees found out that Google had provided a solution package to the harassers, they protested violently. They called for the cessation of arbitration in such cases and to be more transparent.

Elon Musk tweets that are misleading
In August, Musk wrote on Twitter that he would have enough money to keep Tesla private.Tesla has never disclosed who funded the privatization. Everyone later found out that no one Musk had broken the SEC rules, the Securities Exchange Commission accused it of misleading investors. As a result, the company’s stock fell.In response, Musk agreed to step down as Tesla chairman.He also agreed to pay a $ 20 million fine.

Musk’s feud really kicked off in July 2018, in a tweet he described the Thai cave assistant as a pedophile. Musk later apologized.

5G is starting to come true
5G is a new mobile network technology ready to lead the world. This new technology will deliver network speeds ten to one hundred times the speed of our current 4G LTE speeds. Access to these new and better networks became a reality in 2018, in late November and early December, AT&T and Verizon carriers tried 5G technology for the first time.

That means that the two are taking this mission very seriously. The race to be the first carrier to bring 5G to market is compelling.AT & T launched its 5G network two days ago for Verizon and others, the competition continues.

The Google CEO is being investigated by Congress
In mid-December, Google CEO Sundar Pichai was asked to testify before US lawmakers. The testimony is part of an event that proves it is time for the big tech workers to take on more responsibility. Pichai testified to the allegations of bias in his company.

Earlier, several Google employees announced that they were skilfully opposed to Google working on separate search engines for Chinese users. They call it “Project Dragonfly”. Clearly, the Chinese government has entered into an agreement with Google to get the censored version of the search engine. However, those in official positions believe that by meeting the Chinese government’s anti-democratic demands, Google is biased towards the freedoms that its users should have access to.

The interrogation is not yet complete. Pichai tried to avoid questions the actors asked about the Dragonfly project.Moreover, lawmakers demonstrated a lack of knowledge of the technology, leading to illogical questions and opinions. Among the winners was Steve King, a Republican congressman.

Canada has arrested Huawei’s chief financial officer
December 2018 was an exciting year in the world of technology. Canadian authorities have arrested Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou on extradition charges in the United States.Wanzhou appears to violate U.S. sanctions using U.S.-made parts to assemble products sold to Iran. Regarding the US sanctions on Iran is a serious breach, Wanzhou appears to be involved in bank fraud.

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