The Aporia Beyond the Valley – A Valley Worth Exploring

Bloggerping / January 7, 2021
The Aporia Beyond the Valley – A Valley Worth Exploring

Initially, Aporia: Beyond the Valley seems to fit the genre of the walking simulator, a first-person game based primarily on the exploration of fallen civilizations. But it won’t be long before you solve the puzzles and get busy. Enemies floating like the angry version of Casper. This is quickly becoming a very popular genre, and it’s fair to say that Aporia isn’t far behind in any of the trends in terms of design, play this game pretty safe with most of the puzzles you’ve seen before. However, the trip through the canyon can be worth it with a strong story and images.

In the first minute of the game, you will be presented with a strange device filled with glowing liquid that makes it look suspiciously like a glow-in-the-dark frenzy stick called The Vial by the developers, sadly you won’t attend As the substances contained in it play a role in this, the amber liquid serves as a form of energy throughout the world. You can direct the flow of power, open the door, and do other things by connecting the device to a special pedestal. The game creates many puzzles around this concept, introducing more and more factors over time. Other things you will find include manipulating the directions of the water flow or big puzzles based on mirrors and light sources. There is also an interesting part about the balance of platform games that you have to run to catch stones and place them in the hanging basket. These challenges may not get you out of your overheated brain due to their sheer complexity and brilliance. But the puzzles are still fun to solve and separate basic exploration. I just hope they are more memorable. Few of them stuck in my mind.

Sometimes you will have to face enemies. It comes in the form of hideous black creatures floating all over the place, delighting you by appearing behind you, or simply at the edge of your eye before creeping up on you. Slow tempo to give you a chance to escape This can be avoided by using special blue lights that play a bigger role later in the game and usually spooky music prompts you to dodge if there are no other options open. For the most part, during the first half of the trip, he reached three-quarters of the trip, got in the way, acting like a joke that kept him from exploring more than anything else. Maybe it’s just me. Personally, I’ve never liked these types of enemies. However, it is much more prominent in the mob area, about three-quarters of the way through the game. While the entity never felt like it was a real threat, especially early in the game, this part of the swamp has a great atmosphere, creating a fun and tense part in a relatively relaxed experience.

As you complete the puzzles scattered all over the place, you will burn the juice off your frenzied stick and have to collect more bottles. It’s an interesting idea that will make the puzzle more interesting, since guessing the answer at random may require you to go around more. However, I never felt like I was short on magic juice and therefore the whole idea seemed useless.

Of course, everything is the basis of the game, much of which is told through luminescent murals projected onto a world that shows an almost stagnant animation style sequence. Image shown You will meet different characters in different costumes and follow their story from beginning to end. It is even said to offer a reaming screen. But it also allows you to piece together what is happening in the canyon you are exploring right now while leaving room for you to ponder the details. When it comes to an end, everything is finally in place, making it so close to a satisfying story, although both endings can be a bit of a pain. Telling stories like this requires an impressive level of skill, especially considering the subtle nuances of the tale. To speak, the evidence is a spoiler though, as the whole thrust of the game is exposing the mysteries of the valley, so all I would say is personally that I really find myself involved. Although the gameplay does not surprise me. But the story is strong enough to always draw me to it.

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