Equalized Eardrums, Holographic Pyramids and Live-Streaming Ovens

Bloggerping / February 15, 2021
Equalized Eardrums, Holographic Pyramids and Live-Streaming Ovens

Welcome to Gadget Dreams and Nightmares, the column that plays until it finds the Royal Flush of the new gadget announcements and drops the 9-high awesome ones.

This week in cards is a useful one for fine audio, a display that presents 2D images in the form of a 3D hologram, a smart oven and a bread knife that cuts more than just toast.

As always, the rating is only related to how much I want to try each item with my hands.

Also, these are as many reviews as I can catch a good poker face (not at all, if you were thinking).

Fine tune

Last time, we sympathized with a set of earbuds called “active listening here” that are designed to improve how you listen to the world around you, but can’t play music.

Aumeo is an attachment that is about properly tuning your earphones to listen on your smartphone, tablet, or other audio-emitting gadget.

Using the smartphone app, it tests how well you can hear different frequencies and provides you with a personalized equalizer for each of your ears.

Sound fidelity is believed to be far superior, and clarity means you’ll need to raise the volume to the level of the ears to reduce volume, this will help preserve your fragile eardrums longer.

Aumeo and here are two parts of the same whole, and if we can find a way to combine the technology of each, we definitely live in a better sound world. As it is, Aumeo is a gadget that strives to improve our listening experience, and I look forward to getting my ears on one.

Another dimension

Holes is a machine that converts 2D displays into 3D holograms for various devices. It projects images from below into a glass pyramid, and you can view holograms from any point around the device.

You can use it to play games or make video calls. Other uses include providing a three-dimensional design before outputting to a 3D printer.

The Pro version of the Crowdfund system includes an HDMI port to expand the number of devices it can connect to and a software development kit so that developers can create new compatible apps.

It is fascinating, and I would love to see how it plays movies and high end games with high frame rates. However, after recently trying Oculus for the first time, I suspect virtual reality and holograms are not the next big display movement, so I’m a bit more ambitious about what I could have been a few years ago.

Smart oven

The June Intelligent Oven is a smart convection oven intended to improve the art of cooking – and at first glance, I must admit, I am wildly impressed.

It is a countertop system that can bake cookies and roast chicken, and it can do a lot more than basic cooking. For example, it can recognize food placed inside you, thanks to an internal camera, and suggests the cooking temperature and time.

I very much like the idea of ​​controlling the oven with my smartphone. More than that, I would love to keep an eye on what’s going on inside with a live video stream. This is a wonderful idea, and I can think of a lot of friends, who would love to share their bread growing videos.

I also really like the built-in thermometer that sends an alert when food is ready, as well as the scales on top of the oven.

I would consider buying it if I didn’t already have a basic oven that would leave a very specific difference in the kitchen, I could toss it for June. It seems like something that would be ideal for people with a tight dining area. (Hi, New Yorker!) I have a decent-sized kitchen, and I still want it – mostly just Instagram videos from time to time to take away cookies.

Hot knife through butter

Sure, the June oven is tidy, but it barely holds a candle for food-related gadgets on our table this week.

An enterprising inventor has created a knife that explodes bread as slices. It’s only a prototype, and the bread it leaves is probably a little too mesmerizing, but I like it a lot.

I have a passion for bread and left uncontrolled, can sort through four or five slices of toast before I remember exactly what I am doing. It’s a bad habit, I know. Still I can’t help but want this knife right now, no matter how dangerous it is for both my stomach and fire prevention.

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