It’s Hard to See WWDC Through My Apple TV Tears

Bloggerping / February 15, 2021
It's Hard to See WWDC Through My Apple TV Tears

By the time you read this, I have sworn in the secrecy of my office, and may have entered an acceptance state of grief. Already, I realize that I backtracked on the hope that Apple will show a new Apple TV at its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday.

I hate it when pessimism wins

So what gives? If WWDC is not ready to shut down by next week, how do I know that Apple is not going to offer a new Apple TV? Isn’t Apple the most secretive consumer tech company ever?

Blame it on Brian X. Chen, reporting for The New York Times, who received it from two anonymous informers “on product briefs.”

It is expected that his brief friends were giving badly misinformation or stuff, but it is not a rumor spread by a small bird and is being repeated on Twitter. The only good news is that I have yet to see Chen’s report to anyone – just repeat it – and repeat it, in a lot of major WWDC preview “news” stories.

The sad irony here is that some of the biggest news surrounding the pre-WWDC promotional cycle is what is being announced rather than what is likely to happen.

Hey there, buddy, it’s going to be okay

While Apple enthusiasts have waited years – for a new Apple TV with some new super fast processors and awesome new remote control systems, Apple is doing something really cool: you use your existing third-generation Apple TV as a hub to remotely control HomeKit home automation products that hit the retire channels in this home.

Therefore, instead of forcing you to buy new hardware to get the latest new features, Apple is providing software updates to extend the useful life of existing Apple TVs in 2015 and beyond.

As a longtime Apple tech enthusiast, who willingly pays a premium for Apple devices – and recommends them to friends, family, and people who don’t even want to listen – my living room has been around for a very long time. Is ignored.

Sure, the new HBO Now app helped a bit, but come on. It’s time for a new puck … and that the WWDC 2015 logo was putting a new Apple TV-shaped device on the way.

As to the original holdup, there are two main pieces: first, there is doubt that Apple could get the TV industry to sign new content deals that would make it some terrible way to distribute old-fashioned broadcast and cable television . So, no fancy new streaming-TV service.

Of course, you don’t have a bunch of network suites on board to deliver a new Apple TV – so what’s wrong with developers opening the Apple TV ecosystem and allowing them to build apps built for Apple TV? What’s wrong with delivering a new Apple TV play game directly to it, all through its own App Store?

There is nothing wrong with that as far as I can see – except that leads directly to the second main issue, which, according to Chen, is that the hardware is not “ready for prime time”.

Anything worth watching on Monday morning

Well, rumors have widely pointed to Apple beginning to use the new San Francisco font that made it to the Apple Watch in the next version of iOS, called “iOS 9.” It is said. it will be exciting.

There will be some interesting tidbits, though, definitely. You can expect iOS 9 to become even more harmonious – with multiple app and inter-app communications as well as an updated version of Macs and OS X. Basically, our Apple world will become more comfortable.

The iPad may get a split-screen view option (which competitors already have) that can be put to interesting use by Apple-centric app developers … and something on the long-awaited “iPad Pro” The type of light that can shine will likely kill this fall.

Fortunately, instead of communicating with their iPhone, developers should open the Apple Watch to build apps that run on Apple Watch.

It also appears that Apple will unveil some sort of new music-streaming service that could cost as much as $ 10 per month – it’s hard to say how it will use Beats Music or replace it – although it does on- Demand streaming music is expected to provide curved streams.

We should look at how home tech devices will actually work for Apple Tech users, and we’ll probably learn more about Apple HealthCate and how Apple Tech is helping with health research and personal health.

It is rumored that we will be getting some new rewards programs for Apple Pay users.

The piece that I think is most important is how Apple describes today’s HomeKit and related products, because how home automation and IoT are marketed by Apple will help advance this technology segment … when Even Apple does not withdraw because it is not releasing the new Apple TV.

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