The Best Unsung Features of Windows 10

Bloggerping / February 15, 2021
The Best Unsung Features of Windows 10

There are some things about working with large companies that can be really frustrating. For example, when both Windows Vista and Windows 8 were coming on the market, many of us pointed out that things needed to be fixed before the product was released, but we were ignored with horrific results.

This time, however, Windows 10 is looking better than any OS I’ve ever reviewed, and that’s largely because Microsoft has done two things I’m requesting for Windows 95.

I will share my thoughts on these “features” and Windows 10 in general this week, as we now know that it is appearing on July 29, two days after my birthday (I think I still own it ” Birthday present “). I will close with my product of the week, an offer that reminds me of Bill Gates’ home.

Microsoft’s first strategic mistake

I spent my first year as an analyst, outside of IBM, at Dataquest, and I can honestly say that Windows made my career. The reason for this is that I was hired to be an OS analyst, and I issued a five-year forecast that accurately predicted Apple’s decline (it did not recover until two years after the forecast period), As well as the decline of Unix, the elimination of OS / 2, and the success of Windows.

Apple fans, even inside my own company, as well as Unix and OS / 2 fans, wanted to kill me, and I became really famous (and not surprisingly killed).

However, for the first time and most often when I sat down with the people of Windows, I mentioned that they had a significant strategic weakness that they had to correct. I was a competitive analyst for years, and one of the things I get into the job is looking for things that can either increase our firm’s success or cause the firm to fail.

What I pointed out was that the PC industry, including Microsoft, was on the churn. In other words, it was not new sales, but hardware replacement quickly boosted the market. Windows was painful to upgrade, but it was highly painful when you buy a new PC.

Wherever you were on old hardware, it could take up to a day to get anywhere and people started locking their PCs. I can remember talking to an Intel IT manager who said that employees are refusing new PCs, because they didn’t have time to run them. When this happens in a tech company, you have a problem.

The second issue is that if it is really difficult to get into a new Windows PC, then going to an Apple PC is not that scary, because you have to go through the same mess. However, if you talk to an Apple user, Apple’s migration was comparatively drop-dead. Apple understood that brainstorming was important, and it was not the problem.

Microsoft’s second strategic lapse

A related issue was that if you were part of the beta program for Windows, you could install the beta product on your current version very easily – but when the beta was finished, you had to do a clean installation.

Often, this meant that you would have to run down the previous copy of Windows to be eligible for the upgrade price, and then, like every new machine, run down every disk related to the program you were using.

As a result, even at Microsoft, testers had two machines – one running the beta, which they rarely touched, and one they actually worked on.

So, when Microsoft thought it had a group of people, both internal and external, testing the product, there were only a few of us – I was usually one – running the product in real production.

When we complain about some problem, our voice is lost among the crowd of people who were testing the product, but rarely touched it.

Windows 10 both fixed

Migration started to get much better with Windows 7, but they are fantastic with Windows 10. You basically log in with your Microsoft – or if you’re on a work PC, your work ID – and all your settings, apps, and personalities are transferred from the server (keep in mind that this doesn’t apply to legacy applications Or if you are coming from Windows XP).

Getting one, two, or six PCs at once on Windows 10 is login-easy, and as you move to new apps, the experience is the same as you currently get with iOS or Android. You buy a new PC, log in and after a short wait your new PC looks like your old one.

An even bigger step, at least when it comes to building a reliable product, is that those of us testing Windows 10 will automatically upgrade to the final version with Windows Update.

Ever since we started with a valid version of Windows 7 or 8, we still get a free upgrade to Windows 10, without having to figure out what happened to our old Windows disk.

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