Advertising agency , what they did wrong.

1. What makes an ad go wrong or fail, what makes an advertisement bad in the first place?

2 Why do bad advertisements happen?

3. What are the possible outcomes of bad advertisements?

4. How can you avoid bad advertisements?
Conclusion: Most bad advertisements are the result of a lack of preparation and research on the part of the company which is trying to market its product. In the advertising industry the only thing more important than creativity is the ability to analyze what\’s working for your competition, then do the opposite.  Well, to conclude, advertisements can really be fun and creative. But depending on the content, they may not be taken well by people. If that\’s the case, they can turn into a disaster.

Ads which went wrong

1. Diet Coke advertisement
2. The Air France advertisement
3. The Nokia advertisement
4. Samsung advertisement

5. Dove gets criticized for the ad which compares 3-year-old black girl to a \”mascara-clad beauties\”
6. Mattel\’s \”wrong\” advertisement of a hairless Barbie
7. Groupon\’s promotion which showed the promotion of Weight Watchers Ultimate Carrot Cake Cheesecake
8. Diet Coke\’s advertisement which implied that the thinner you are the happier you\’ll be
9. McDonalds\’ billboard which targets mothers and asks them to choose between their children and a meal.
10. Nissan\’s advertisement for their electric on-roader which showed a vehicle running over a group of live electric wires and then showing the vehicle driving without any problem.11. Volkswagen\’s advertisement which comes

12. Subway, adverts