Audentes fortuna iuvat

Fortune favors the bold.

Supposedly Pliny the Elder’s last words before leaving the docks at Pompeii to rescue his friend Pomponianus from the eruption of Vesuvius in 79
i grew up riding horses on the farm and i still like them, they are unique animals

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Fentanyl, the epidemic noone wants.
The synthetic drug fentanyl was created almost 60 years ago as a painkiller and there’s no doubt...
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Computer viruses , WHY?
Evolution of computer viruses Some cybercriminals are pursuing information rather than just money.According...
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3 soldier
the M-60 pig
There is a life-size statue of “Three Soldiers” in Washington, D.C., just a few steps from...
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lake piedman
Tasmanian Timber
However, a serendipitous encounter between friends Andrew Morgan and Dave Wise at the campus bar resulted...
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The UZI machine pistol
A wildly inaccurate machine pistol, its job is to spray an area with bullets like most machine guns do,...
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Brumby Horses Australian wild horse
 The term Brumby refers to the wild Australian horse that is most commonly found in the Australian Alps,...
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Bushmaster the Australian armoured car.
An truly hardy Armoured car entired produced in Australia woth War experoence that truly has tested this...
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