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julius caesar, assassination, painting-4877717.jpg
Assassin creed agents, vessels of change for the dictators and unjust governments.
samurai, red, moon-5135974.jpg
The life of a samurai warrior is one of honor, duty, and sacrifice. These warriors were a vital part...
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Deep Fake
Deepfake technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to generate or manipulate...
abraham lincoln, man, low poly-6195060.jpg
Abe Lincoln a man made for such a time.
A tall gangly man who rose from anonymity to become one of the most influential and well known Presidents...
pirate, bottle, rum-2960476.jpg
Pirates the beginning of the nemesis of the Spanish Empire.
The year is 1715. At sea. anywhere close to the Bahamas. A ship emerges from the seas. It raises a black...
the Castrato
A castrato (Italian, plural: castrati) is a type of classical male singing voice equivalent to that of...
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Fentanyl, the epidemic noone wants.
The synthetic drug fentanyl was created almost 60 years ago as a painkiller and there’s no doubt...
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Computer viruses , WHY?
Evolution of computer viruses Some cybercriminals are pursuing information rather than just money.According...
3 soldier
the M-60 pig
There is a life-size statue of “Three Soldiers” in Washington, D.C., just a few steps from...
lake piedman
Tasmanian Timber
However, a serendipitous encounter between friends Andrew Morgan and Dave Wise at the campus bar resulted...
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