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Computer viruses , WHY?

Evolution of computer viruses Some cybercriminals are pursuing information rather than just money.According to the Associated Press (AP) and other American media sources, Russian hackers launched a coordinated, months-long operation in December 2020 that resulted in the theft of some of the “most deeply held secrets” of the American government.The AP claims that after downloading …

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the M-60 pig

There is a life-size statue of “Three Soldiers” in Washington, D.C., just a few steps from from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. Frederick Hart, a sculptor, created the men wearing the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps uniforms, holding weapons from the Vietnam War era, and facing the memorial wall. The guy on the left …

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Tasmanian Timber

However, a serendipitous encounter between friends Andrew Morgan and Dave Wise at the campus bar resulted in the founding of Australia’s first drowning timber firm in addition to a lifelong friendship.The two people pull rotting logs out of Lake Pieman, which was built in 1986 for hydropower and floods Tasmania’s remote north-west woods.The logs can …

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Bushmaster the Australian armoured car.

An truly hardy Armoured car entired produced in Australia woth War experoence that truly has tested this vehicle. Especially requested by Ukrainian oresident Zelenshy. Australian engineers created the four-wheel drive armoured Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle, also known as the Infantry Mobility Vehicle. The Australian Defence Industries (ADI), which was previously owned by the government, were …

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